So Your 2001 to 2007 Volvo Won’t Start?

Mechanic showing how the Volvo won't start

Diagnose and Fix Corroded or Loose Starter Cables and Connectors

If your 01-07 Volvo won’t start, fear not—it’s a common problem on the 01-07 Volvo S60, S80, V70, and XC90 to turn the ignition key and not hear or feel the engine crank or turnover. These Volvos usually have a problem with a corroded or loose electrical connector on the starter. We’ll explain what to look for and how to fix this problem if you turn the key and nothing happens on your 01-07 Volvo.

Signs of Volvo Starting Problems

  • Turn the key and nothing happens—no cranking noise or sound of the engine turning over

It’s obvious the symptom is that your Volvo won’t start, but this specific article applies to the 2001-2007 Volvo S60, S80, V70, and XC90 and is about a Volvo that doesn’t start at all. This means when you turn the key in the ignition, nothing happens. An engine that has trouble starting might make a loud noise as it tries to crank or turn over, but a key symptom of an issue with the starter’s electrical connector on these vehicles is the absence of any effect from turning the key.

Causes of a Volvo that Won’t Start

While the battery or starter could be defective, usually a wire that goes to the starter solenoid and tells it to engage tends to corrode or loosen. This prevents the starter from receiving a signal, indicating it should turn on.

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How to Fix a 01-07 Volvo that Won’t Start

The starter is located underneath the engine and a red wire provides power to the starter solenoid. If the electrical connector is failing, replacing it isn’t always necessary.

How to Check the Starter’s Electrical Connector

  1. Check the Electrical Connector for Looseness

    Check if the electrical connector is loose and needs to be reconnected

  2. Check the Electrical Connector and Wires for Corrosion

    Inspect the wire and connector for corrosion or discoloration on the connector terminals

  3. Clean the Corrosion

    If there is corrosion in the electrical connector’s terminals, clean out the connector with a pick tool

  4. Reconnect the Connector

    Reconnect and make sure it connects firmly

  5. Check the Connector for Play

    Test the connector for looseness or “play”

  6. Crimp the Connector to Fix Any Play

    If there is looseness, try crimping down on the electrical connector with a pair of pliers

  7. Replace a Defective Connector

    If the connector proves to be defective, replace it by cutting the old one and pigtailing a new connector to the wire

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So Your 2001 to 2007 Volvo Won't Start?
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So Your 2001 to 2007 Volvo Won't Start?
If your 01-07 Volvo won't start, fear not—it's a common problem on the 01-07 Volvo S60, S80, V70, and XC90 to turn the ignition key and not hear or feel the engine crank or turnover.
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  1. Thanks so much for this video! My S60 wouldn’t start, no clicks, no sound at all and my battery was fine. We’ve had rain almost every day for the past couple of weeks and today it wouldn’t start after sitting for just the weekend. After watching your video I took off the wire and cleaned the connector with a pick. Plugged it back on and the car started. Thanks again!

  2. what a game saver!!!
    cleaned the engine recently , no start the nexxt day :-/
    your instructions made my Volvo crank n running again!

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