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We just completed episode 3 of the 1A Auto Talk & Tune show, and it went quite smooth! Dan and I talk about intake manifold water leaks, 3000 mile oil changes, and the best features to have in a modern vehicle. Backup cameras? 10 cup holders? Automatic parallel parking? Traction control? What’s your favorite feature?

We also came to the realization that episode 2 felt a little stiff, so we did our best to stay loose in this one.  The cloudy day helped the glare on our receding hairlines as well, which we both appreciated.

Got questions? Got answers? Got an awesome build-thread of your car / truck project?

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7 thoughts to “Watch Episode 3 of the 1A Auto Talk & Tune Show”

  1. Hi Guys
    I am a believer in changing the oil anywhere between 3000-5000,my 1996 S10 ZR2 4.3 has 2010,000 kms on it(Excellent Condition) and still ticking like aTimex. that keeps on ticking.You mentioned about a antifreeze leak in a grand am 3.4.My wife’s 2004 Alero had a antifreeze that was difficult to locate.I though it my be the water pump etc. until I discovered it was coming from this brass type fitting.I found out that this fitting had worked lose over time and the sealer on the threads was deteriorating and was leaking around the threads.I removed the fitting cleaned and installed and solved the leaks. By the way we have owned this vehicle since new,this fitting was on it when we bought therefore it was an add on,like you thought might be in the ladies Grand AM.

    1. Hi Freeman!
      Thanks for the feedback and info on the Grand Am! It’s been a while since Dan and I have looked at a 3.4L, but neither of us remembered that brass-looking fitting on the intake. I’m glad to hear that it is a factory piece, and may just need to be resealed. That’s a very cheap and easy fix for her. Also – thanks for watching the show, we think we’re getting a little more comfortable in front of the camera, so now we just need to keep the interesting topics flowing. 🙂

      1. Hi Jeremy
        I think you guys are doing a great job,and I,m sure people appreciate your help very much.
        I am in the process of replacing a 02 sensor on my S10.Can you tell me if any sealer/anti-seize should be applied to the threads before installation.None came with the sensor ,so I assume just to install it dry.

        1. Thanks for the kind words! Whenever an O2 sensor is removed from a car in New England, the threads of the O2 sensor hole come out with the O2 sensor. This is never fun to deal with, and always makes for a bad day. (I even own a tool now for re-threading O2 sensor holes.) Because of this, I decided that I should be helping out the next guy/gal that has to remove that O2 sensor by adding a bit of anti-seize on the threads. So, to answer your questions – yes I do install high temperature anti-seize on the threads of all O2 sensors that I install. Ideally you won’t ever need to pull that O2 sensor again, so it won’t be your problem, but somebody, someday, will thank you for doing so.

  2. Hi Jeremy
    I am having issues with my wife’s Olds. Alero.According to a site found on the internet that the signal/flasher as being a issue as far back as 1999.This site indicates that GM sent a Recall letter out to Alero owners, My never received any such thing and it says GM had come forward to repair this problem at no cost.
    Have you experienced or heard of this Alero problem.Also if you have can you tell me what’s involved with replacing it.Do have and you-tube video replacing it.
    A reply would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Freeman, can you describe the actual problem that the car is having? We carry the signal switches for those vehicles, as those are prone to failure, I’m not sure about the flasher though.

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