Watch Episode 4 of the 1A Auto Talk & Tune Show

We have just finished episode 4 of the 1A Auto Talk & Tune show, and we answered more car questions than ever before! Keep those questions coming – because the more you ask, the more we’ll answer! Dan and I covered ABS brakes on a Camaro, recommended transmission services, HVAC repair, and why so many car manufactures are switching their beloved model names to letters and numbers.

After watching this episode, you may notice that there is an edit somewhere around 7:50. As much as we love to film these episodes in just 1 take for easy editing, occasionally we mess up and need to edit it. We’re human! The good news is that these mess-up’s always make for terrific outtakes, which we have been including at the end of each of the videos for your entertainment. We hope you love this episode, and feel free to give us some feedback!

Got questions? Got answers? Got an awesome build-thread of your car / truck project? Leave us a comment!

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3 thoughts to “Watch Episode 4 of the 1A Auto Talk & Tune Show”

  1. Glad you guys have a blog and auto talk show now! Been thoroughly enjoying and USING your how-to vids on youtube for years now. Can’t wait to finish this episode and then catch up with episodes 1-3! Keep it up!

    1. We’re thrilled to be doing this! Dan and I (and many others here at 1A) love talking about old cars, new cars, and everything else with an engine. I think we’re looking forward to being about 10-15 episodes in when we are both a little more comfortable in front of a camera! Right now, it is still a bit terrifying for us when the light on the camera turns green. You can see some of our ridiculous out-takes if you watch the videos right through to the end. We start off all-business, and it always turns into great laughs by end. If you have any suggestions or questions, post them up! We love the feedback.

  2. your segment on the shift to generic alphanumeric names is funny and interesting. I’ve noticed the same thing and gave up trying to figure out what’s what on BMWs, Lincolns, Benzes, etc. The globalization/translation explanation does make perfect sense (Bolt vs Volt lol), but come on, can’t they market the US versions with more appealing names? I thought they used to differentiate the same car with different names in the US vs overseas in years past.

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