Why Are My Headlights Too Bright?

It’s important to have your headlamps aligned to see the road clearly. Headlights raised too high is an issue to oncoming traffic. Here are four reasons why your headlights are too bright and what you can do to fix them.

Video: What Could Cause Your Headlights To Be Too Bright

4 Reasons Why Your Headlights Are Too Bright

Why Your Headlights Might Be too Bright

  1. Misaligned after a Repair or Accident

    Your headlights may be misaligned from a fender bender or a similar accident. Also, they may be misaligned after you’ve installed a new headlamp assembly. There could also be an issue with the suspension, like the front end sagging, or the car might be a little lifted up after replacing front struts.

  2. Headlights Not Aimed Correctly

    Headlights can also appear too bright if they’re not aimed correctly. Aim the headlights at a flat wall about 20 to 25 feet away. If one beam is significantly higher than the other, lower it down to near the same level as the other if you can’t take a measurement.

    Adjustment points are usually on the back of the headlight and can usually be adjusted with basic hand tools like a wrench or screwdriver. Some have one adjustment point and some have two.

    For a more accurate and quick measurement, you could also place a tape measure right up to the headlight assembly and measure where the beam lands on the tape measurer. Then measure where the beam lands on the wall and lower it down to the first measurement. You want the lights to be the same height or the measurement to be a little lower than the first measurement.

  3. Cloudy or Old Dirty Headlights

    There are many different kinds of headlight assemblies. Some lens are reflective, which means they have little angled mirrors inside. Projector headlights have projector types that may look like a round piece of glass inside, which will project the beam. But, regardless of what type you have, if the glass is glazed or hazed, that will divert the light in different directions.

    Replace any cloudy or hazed headlights as a pair. You can try to refurbish them, but it will keep glazing over.

  4. Headlight Bulbs Are Too Bright

    Different bulbs can affect how bright your headlights shine. A halogen bulb will have a weaker shine and will look yellow. LED bulbs are little brighter and come in different colors. HID or Xenon bulbs are much brighter and also come in different colors.

    Only use HID bulbs in projector-type headlights. If they’re used in reflector-type headlights, it can melt the headlight. But the bright HID or even LED could just be brighter and shine at another driver.

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