WUT: I Think Your Camber May Be Slightly Off.

In my “Automotive Confessions” post, I had mentioned that the VW world does some very strange things with their cars.  Some – unbelievably awesome, some – unbelievably not awesome.   This particular VW Wabbit was spotted for sale on eBay, and it falls into the “unknown” category of awesomeness.  Sure, it has nearly the maximum amount of camber possible without grinding the inner rims into the ground.  Sure, it has a weird mural on the hood of a dude forcing a phone upon another dude.  Sure, it has “WAT” spray painted on the passenger door.  You can’t make this stuff up.   What I am trying to say is:  “If a slammed, trophy grabbing, 1983 Volkwagen Rabbit is your thing, you better bid fast!  You only have a few days left.

EBay Item # 320534881776

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5 thoughts to “WUT: I Think Your Camber May Be Slightly Off.”

  1. Ryan > Sometimes springs fit, and sometimes they don’t. 😉 I can’t even imagine the noise and the damage that would be caused after a couple hundred miles like that.

  2. The image on the hood is actually a reproduction of an iconic Vietnam War photograph by Eddie Adams, of a South Vietnamese officer executing a prisoner on a Saigon city street.

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