RX7 Under Construction Pic.

Not much going on here.  Just a friend’s single turbo swapped 93 RX7 in the process of getting a new pilot bearing.  It should be back on the road soon enough though. Oh, and it makes close to 400 horsepower, which is also nice.  I think once it is back together I will get some good pictures of it, and show off just how awesome/ahead of their time the 3rd Gen RX7’s are.

2 comments to RX7 Under Construction Pic.

  • JohnEd

    Ole Felix Wankel had a purdy good idea almost 100 years ago!

  • Tom C

    I have owned two RX-7s in my days so far. They are neat, with a rev alert that tells you its spinnin’ a bit too fast. The power curve doesn’t back off, so you can’t feel it topping out like piston engines. BUT – none of mine generated 400 HP!, probably the reason why I am still here and able to send this message :-)

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