1A Auto Blog Asks: What Do You Think About Stink Buggin?

When I touch upon the fact that you may unknowingly be “Stink Buggin’ “, I’m not talking about your pest control.  I’m talking about when the back of your car is jacked up about 4 times higher than the front.  Now, you may remember us pointing out this phenomenon once before, but that car was doing it against the owners wishes. A mistake, if you will.  The vehicle above is straight up, planned out, fully invested ….stink……..bugginit!  I mean, if you were to ask Einstein to mathematically prove the existence of “stink buggin’ it”, he would roll up to your residence in this vehicle and proceed to do donuts in your front lawn.  I bet this car has seat belts just to prevent you from sliding onto the floor.  Maybe I’m wrong…but then again, maybe I’m not.

Lend me your thoughts on the Stink Bug Movement. Me? I think I might be lovin’ it.

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Jeremy Nutt

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3 thoughts to “1A Auto Blog Asks: What Do You Think About Stink Buggin?”

  1. Looks like it is set up to run moonshine. Read history boys, and see how men with vision set up the NASCAR dynasty from shine runners. You can start by watching Thunder Road.

    They jacked them up so when they were full of shine they looked normal. Clean lines and huge motors shoehorned in to outrun the law.

    Stink Buggin~~~Never heard of anyone calling this look by that name. Sounds made up to me.

  2. I grew up in Detroit and remember this style well, it was usually late 60-70’s muscle cars that I saw it on. Then they just sort of stopped building them around the time Pintos were reportedly blowing up from rear end accidents, I thought that was a factor, of course I was about 6 yro.

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