Seen on eBay: 1970 Olds Toronado Limo

Cars have been built for many different reasons over the past 100 years.  Sometimes they’re built for racing, others for cruising, and then there are a few purpose built land yachts that exist strictly to tote around inebriated people when they leave the bars. Hmmm. Yes, this 1970 Toronado 15 passenger wagon limo is definitely one of those vehicles… well, sort of.

It started its life as a massive, 28 foot long, 6 wheeled, 9 door, airport limo also known as a “AQC Jetway 707”.  Sounds exotic right?  Well, it was a pretty big deal at the time, and was intended to be the beginning of a huge line of limos, ambulances, and hearses built by the “American Quality Coach” company.  Sadly, their tooling costs were costing them more than their vehicle sales could handle, and it was game-over before they really even got the business off the ground.  There is some debate over the actual production numbers of these vehicles, but it’s likely somewhere between 52 and 150. That’s still a lot of Detroit steel, considering each one is the length of two Geo Metros, and the metal is probably twice as thick.  One word – “momentum“.

This specific behemoth of a front wheel drive vehicle is being sold as a great project and potential money making opportunity for a “young single slick chick magnet type of guy who can dance/but has great morals/nice friends“.  The seller claims that once you drop a motor in this thing and hit the streets of NYC, it (and you) will be irresistible to bachelorette parties chock full of beautiful women.  I’m not 100% convinced of this theory, but the world is a crazy place, so who really knows. Buy it now, and put it to the Toronado to the test!

The eBay listing Item # 180667647167 is really full of confidence boosting hilarity. Be sure to check it out as well for the full Monday morning entertainment package..

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13 thoughts to “Seen on eBay: 1970 Olds Toronado Limo”

  1. Wasn’t the original Toronado front wheel drive? Did the builders of this behemoth install some other form of propulsion?

  2. Hi this may have been resed as a 1970 but it’s a 1968 Toronado.
    I know mine was resed as a 1971 when I bought it from the company I work for. But when I took it to the DMV they changed the year back to 1968 to match the Vin numbers. The drag race might be fun once the Toro gets going it flys. I’ve only had mine up to 100. My company had an areobus and sold it to a family with 10 or 12 kids back in the late 60’s or early 70’s.

  3. i had a 1970 toronado limo in wisconsin in 1974 to 78. it was battleship grey with a black top. sure had a nice ride.i think it weighed in at 8300 #. took a lot of throttle to get it moving but then, watch out.

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