2009 Cadillac CTS…..wait for it…. Convertible!

Just when you thought you had seen the roof cut off of everything (I’m looking at you Subaru STI ), somebody goes and lops one off of a 2009 Cadillac CTS, and throws it on eBay.  This whole “turn my car into a convertible” thing just puzzles me.  I have to assume that if the owner of this Cadillac wanted a convertible sooooo badly, they could have just bought a new Cadillac XLR at the time.  I mean what’s the price difference between buying a new CTS and having it turned into a convertible vs. buying a new XLR.  A few grand?  Ah well, at least it isn’t a full time convertible, that would be depressing.  Instead, in true Cadillac form, it has a luxurious power top, which you can see in action in This Video.

While it is actually better looking than many convertible conversions, it’s just not my forte’.  To each their own I suppose.  Nobody likes my truck either, but I still dump money into it like it’s a 401K, of which it is clearly not.  But I digress…. Here is the beautiful drop tizzop CTS showing off all that its got. What do you think? Is it your dream car or another nightmare?

Only 12 hours left ! eBay Item # 150605003408

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5 thoughts to “2009 Cadillac CTS…..wait for it…. Convertible!”

  1. Well hey, I can show you a B-body wagon with the roof lopped off too.

    But that thing is actually badass. The CTS is just “Meh.”

  2. I just assumed the CTS had a convertible factory option(though I haven’t seen one). That STi is much more shocking to me. I hope that “handle” going over the top of it(STi) acts as a roll bar or else it would get the sawzall.

    1. Hi John,
      Since it wasn’t a real production car, there aren’t many out there. I’d say searching the internet far and wide is your best bet. Scouring eBay is probably a great place to start.

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