Top 5 Honda CR-V Problems: 3rd Generation 2007 to 2011

Mechanic explaining Honda CR-V Problems

A 3rd gen Honda CR-V with problems like intermittent starting or the A/C not working is common. This post and video reviews the symptoms and fixes for these problems and more as our experts reveal the top 5 problems commonly found on the 2007 to 2011 Honda CR-V.

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Common 3rd Gen Honda CRV Issues (2007 to 2011)

1. A/C Compressor Failure

3rd gen Honda CR-V A/C compressor
3rd gen Honda CR-V A/C compressor

Symptoms of A/C Compressor Failure

  • A/C not working

Causes of A/C Compressor Failure

The A/C compressor is usually the reason for A/C failure on the 3rd gen 2007 to 2011 Honda CR-V

How to Fix A/C Compressor Failure

The A/C compressor is located at the bottom of the motor below the alternator and is not easy to access. If the A/C compressor has failed, it needs to be replaced. It is not easy to replace the A/C compressor yourself, because it requires a special evacuation tool to recover the refrigerant and replace the system.

2. Starter Motor Problems

Symptoms of Starter Problems on the 3rd Gen Honda CR-V

  • CR-V won’t start intermittently or at all

How to Fix a Bad Starter

If the CR-V is not starting and the starter is defective, replace the starter.

How to Temporarily Fix a Bad Starter

A temporary fix to get the starter working is to tap it with a hammer while an assistant starts the vehicle. This can be difficult on the 3rd gen CRV because the starter motor is located at the front of the engine. It can be difficult to access.

3. Wiper Motor Failure

Symptoms of a Bad Wiper Motor

  • Wipers aren’t working at the set settings
  • Wipers won’t turn off

How to Fix a Bad Wiper Motor

The wiper motor is located underneath the hood cowl. If these symptoms appear, the wiper motor most likely needs to be replaced. The wiper motor also has the board that controls whether the wipers stop or go.

4. Door Lock Cylinders

Symptoms of Door Lock Cylinders

  • Key doesn’t unlock the door lock cylinder

Causes of Door Lock Cylinders

The door lock cylinders on the 2007 to 2011 CR-V can seize from a lack of use.

How to Fix Door Lock Cylinders

To prevent this, use the key once in a while to confirm the door lock cylinder works. There are also specialized lubricants that can get the door lock cylinder working again.

5. Blower Motor Failure

Like most vehicles, the blower motor is located underneath the glove box. It’s fairly easy to replace.

Symptoms of a Bad Blower Motor

  • Heat or the A/C turned on
  • Loud knocking or whirring noise from the glove compartment

How to Fix Blower Motor Failure

Remove the blower motor and inspect it for debris. If the blower motor is broken or cracked, replace it.

Read more about how to diagnose and fix a blower motor

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Top 5 Honda CR-V Problems - 3rd Generation (2007 to 2011)
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