Honda Odyssey Problems: 3rd Generation (2005 to 2010)

The Honda Odyssey is Honda’s minivan offering. It is currently in its 5th generation and has existed since the 1995 model year. This post reviews the top 3rd generation Honda Odyssey problems owners have run into for model years 2005 to 2010.

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Top 5 Problems Honda Odyssey Minivan 3rd Generation 2005-10

1. Electric Sliding Doors Failing to Open Automatically

1A Auto mechanic trying to open a 3rd gen Honda Odyssey door that is stuck and won't open automatically

Symptoms of Electric Sliding Door Problems on the 3rd Gen Honda Odyssey

  • Electric sliding doors don’t open automatically
  • Electric sliding doors don’t close
  • Power sliding door binds

Causes of Electric Sliding Doors Failing

The automatic sliding doors can fail to open automatically and may bind a little when opened manually. There may be an issue with the latch, which is located on the inside area of the door. If the door doesn’t recognize it’s latching in, it may interpret this as an issue with the door closing and re-open. If the bearings wear down or get debris, it can jam the door.

How to Fix Electric Sliding Doors Failing

Use an advanced scan tool to help diagnose. Check the wiring for tearing or breaking and the wiring harness for damage and replace it if needed. Test the electrical connection with a test light. Check the door latch and replace it if needed.

Read more about how to test a malfunctioning sliding door

2. Brake Pulsation

Symptoms of Brake Pulsation

  • Shaking in the steering wheel when applying the brakes
  • Vibrating in the brake pedal when applying the brakes

How to Fix Brake Pulsation

Check the condition of the front brake rotors for debris, scouring, hot spots, or hard spots. Replace the rotors if they are damaged. If replacing the rotors, replace the brakes at the same time.

Learn more about how to inspect brake rotors if the brakes are pulsating

3. Motor Mount Failure

Symptoms of Motor Mount Failure

  • Vibration or bumping throughout the passenger compartment—usually when accelerating

Causes of Motor Mount Failure

The rubber bushing can deteriorate, break, and fall off when pressure is applied to the motor mounts. Vibration can be felt when the motor mount loses the ability to support the engine.

How to Fix Motor Mount Failure

If the motor mount is torn or broken, replace all of the motor mounts. If one is worn, it’s likely the others are too.

4. Transmission Problems

Symptoms of Transmission Problems

  • Transmission vibrates
  • Feels like the transmission isn’t shifting up or down
  • Check engine light for codes ranging from P0700 to P0730 for a transmission issue
  • “D” on the gauge cluster flashes

How to Fix Transmission Problems

Dipstick with transmission fluid

If the “D” on the dash is flashing there is an issue with the transmission. If driving, pull over to a safe area and check the condition of the transmission fluid. The transmission may not have enough fluid to function correctly if the transmission fluid is very low. If the fluid looks burnt and dirty, the fluid needs to be replaced.

To prevent transmission failure, follow the recommended service intervals found in the owner’s manual. If the transmission hasn’t been serviced for over 100,000 miles, it’s too late to service it.

If changing the fluid doesn’t fix this problem, the transmission may need to be replaced.

Read more about how to check for bad transmission fluid

5. 3rd Row Seating Won’t Fold

Opening a latch to fold the 3rd row seats in a 3rd gen Honda Odyssey

Symptoms of 3rd Row Seating Won’t Fold

  • 3rd Row seats won’t fold down

Causes of 3rd Row Seating Won’t Fold

The latch should release the 3rd row seat so it can be folded down. Sometimes this latch fails and the seat won’t release. This is because the cable between the latch and the handle can stretch and fail. Every time the handle is pulled, the cable is stretched.

How to Fix 3rd Row Seating Won’t Fold

If the seat won’t release when the handle is pulled, replace the cable.

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