We Found That 8 Second Supra You Wanted

In the automotive world, there is a tongue-in-cheek joke about Toyota Supras, it goes something like:

Q: “What do 400hp, 600hp, & 800hp Supras have in common?”

A: “12 second time slips.” (…Laughter then ensues…)

Well, today I have found official evidence that 1200 horsepower Supra’s do in fact run faster than 12’s in the quarter mile.  It comes in the form of… you guessed it! an eBay listing for an absolutely evil looking MKIV Toyota Supra.  Here are a few stats that will make you question what you are doing with your life.

  • 8.028@181.23 MPH (@ 45psi boost)
  • 3.2 2JZ Engine, partially filled with Hardblok
  • 91mm Garrett GT5533R
  • TH400 Transmission
  • Nitrous
  • Parachute
  • TWELVE 1000 injectors (2 per cylinder)
  • 6x EGT sensors
  • CO2 controlled wastegates
  • Over $80,000 in receipts in hand


Naturally, there are also videos of this thing in action. Watch this and look at how disturbingly hard this car launches.  I don’t know how it doesn’t spit the driver through the rear window at the starting line.  I mean it is truly ridiculous. The 60 foot times on this must be mind blowing.

Got a need for a potentially 7 second Supra?  Bid now on eBay Item # 270898816806 . If you win the auction, you better keep in touch. We want to see the first 7 second run that it makes.

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7 thoughts to “We Found That 8 Second Supra You Wanted”

  1. I really enjoyed the article. After watching the video, you can see that his car is a beast. I checked the eBay listing and it never sold because the reserve was never met. If he spent 80k on this car, I’m not sure if he will ever get his money back. He might be better off keeping his car as his toy.

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