How to Give Your Car a Facelift

Find out how to give your car a facelift, what one is, and how to tell if you need one with these tips from our expert mechanic Andy.

What Is a Facelift on a Car?

A facelift is when the appearance of a vehicle changes by updating specific parts. These can include a change in parts like the grille, headlight, or taillights. Manufacturers usually change the appearance for new generations, but vehicles can also receive facelifts within a generation.

How Can I Give My Car a Facelift?

You may not be able to change a lot about your vehicle’s appearance, but there are some parts you can remove and install the give your car a look and feel that works for you.

You can give your car a facelift by removing and installing a new grille, headlights or other exterior lights.

What Does the Grille Do?

Protects from Outside Elements

The grille protects the AC condenser and radiator, and it assists airflow. It also protects your vehicle from outside elements like rocks and ice.

When Should I Replace the Grille?

Broken automotive grille
Broken and damaged grille

Damage Like Cracking or Brittling

Automotive grilles can crack, break, and brittle. If you find your grille has a hole or crack, you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible. If you don’t, debris can move past the grille and damage other parts like the AC condenser, leading to a costlier repair. Folded-over fins can also weaken the airflow, which will cause the AC system to work harder and it may overheat the engine.

How to Install a Grille Yourself

Below are some basic steps for replacing a grille, but this may differ depending on the vehicle, like needing to removing the bumper cover

Basic steps for removing a grille: to reinstall, reverse these steps

  1. Open the Hood and Remove the Fasteners from the Grille

    Open the hood and remove any push-pins or screws from the grille

  2. Loosen and Pry the Grille Off

    Once the fasteners have been removed, pry the grille off by pressing the tabs with a screwdriver

How-to Videos: Learn to Install and Replace Parts Yourself

Learn how to install headlights, LED lights, and more with tips from our experienced mechanics. Follow the step-by-step instructions, get to working on your car, and learn other general and maintenance-related tips with our how-to videos.

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