How to Use an AC Recharge Kit at Home

We don’t recommend using an AC recharge kit if you have a problem with your AC, like the system leaking refrigerate or the AC blowing too warm. But, if you do find yourself needing to use a recharge canister, we show you how to use an AC recharge kit at home with these steps.

How to Recharge the AC System with a Canister at Home

Mechanic using an AC recharge kit at home

We use a 2000 Chevy Cavalier in the video featured in this article. The AC in this car is blowing hot air, and we use an AC recharge canister to fix this problem. While we don’t recommend using AC recharge kits, as it can cause more problems with your AC system, and amongst other reasons, you may have an older model and want to try this method to get the AC working.

Why Should I Not Use an AC Recharge Kit to Fix the AC?

Using a recharge kit to fix problems with the AC can overfill the system, break parts within the system, leading to costly repairs, and more.

Read more on why we recommend not using an AC recharge canister

How Long Will the AC Recharge Kit Work For?

If you have a leak in the AC system and use an AC recharge canister, it probably won’t work for too long, like after a few days. You’ll need to have the AC system serviced if it’s leaking before using a recharge can again.

After using an AC recharge kit, the AC system may work for some time, like a season or longer, but if there is an issue with the system, recharging the system will only temporarily fix any problems with the AC temperature.

How to Use an AC Recharge Kit at Home

In our example, we turn the AC on, but the compressor doesn’t spin the clutch or pulley. The outside spins but the center is not.

Steps on how to use an AC recharge kit

  1. Run the Car, Turn the AC on, and Remove the Cover from the AC Line

    Remove blue cover from AC line. There will be a cover for the high and low pressure side.

  2. Connect the Canister to the AC Line

    Recharge fits one cap. Find which side the can should connect to and attach the connecter. If the gauge doesn’t give a reading of the pressure after, that indicates there’s a problem.

  3. Remove the Safety Tag from the Canister

    Remove the safety tag from the canister while it’s attached to the line.

  4. Turn the Valve Clockwise and then Counterclockwise

    Turn the valve all the way clockwise to break the seal in the can. Then turn counterclockwise which will move the gauge and get the compressor working

  5. When the AC Kicks on, follow the instructions until the AC Charges

    When the AC compressor turns on, follow instructions on the recharge can. We shake the canister until the system charges up.

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