Gifts for Mechanics, Classic Car Lovers, & Your Favorite Car Guy

Holiday gift guide: Gifts for every car enthusiast on your list!

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who’s crazy about cars? A Dad who’s into classics, an uncle who’s an off-roader, a brother who’s a wannabe racer, or even a kid who likes to crash his Matchbox cars? We have gift ideas for every car lover this holiday season.

Some of the gifts included in this list can be purchased from 1A Auto. However, there are many included that you can buy from another online retailer, such as Amazon or Gamestop.

Gifts for Classic Car Lovers

People who collect classic cars get really attached to them, and why not? Those designs were timeless and bring back a lot of memories. If you know a car enthusiast with a cool classic, why not help them keep it in tip top shape with a new car cover? A car cover can protect the exterior of the car, and a new set of floor mats can help protect the interior.

Some classics are meant to be kept pristine; others beg to be remade in the owner’s image. A custom shift knob is a fun way to spice up the interior of any classic or hot-rod. Skulls are always in fashion, but there’s lots of other options.

Or maybe your mechanic uncle talks wistfully about the one that got away. My Dad had a ’67 Riviera and ’64 Impala back in the day. I have to say, I’m pretty jealous. Since American muscle is a little bit outside my budget, the old man might have to settle for reminiscing vicariously. My Dad Had that Car is a book of photos brochures, and other pieces of automotive history.

Unique Gifts for Car Racers

If you know someone who wishes they were a racing driver, you’ll want to give them some safe ways to indulge their need for speed. There are a lot of great racing games out now, from Gran Turismo Sport, to Forza Horizon 3, to, yes, a new Need for Speed game, Need for Speed: Payback.

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Winter Maintenance Checklist – Is Your Car Prepared for Snow?

Living in a cold weather state means there’s plenty of snow coming your way in the next few months. So what better time to prepare for it than now? Here’s a list of the most crucial parts to check to ensure your car is ready for the winter. Most are quick and easy and shouldn’t take much time.

Examine windshield wiper blades

Wiper blades can become worn from usage. Look at the blades for wear and tear and possible splits on the blade. They’re affordable and you can replace them in minutes, giving you better vision and a safer drive during snowfall. Changing wiper blades is so easy, you might even be able to do it blindfolded.

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Five Racing Technologies You Might Find in Your Passenger Car

Timeline showing racing technology milestones

There’s an old joke that auto racing was invented at the same time as the second car. Racing has always been popular with enthusiasts and engineers alike. And not just because it’s exciting, but because it’s been the proving ground for new technologies. The racetrack has spawned many ideas in automotive history that performance and sometimes even passenger cars have adopted. There are many examples, but here are six of the best:

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1A Auto Repair Blooper Video — Even the Pros Have Bumps in the Road

When it comes to fixing your car, sometimes nothing seems to go your way.

We’ll admit it. We’re not perfect. Our mechanics drop tools, spill fluids, lose nuts and bolts, and sometimes break things they shouldn’t.

Turns out, not every repair is gold.

So without much further ado, here’s some of our outtakes (and yes, if you’re wondering, we have way more than 2 minutes worth).

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Don’t Leave Home Without These Emergency Car Kit Essentials

You’ve probably found yourself on the side of the road at some point, unless you’re extraordinarily lucky. It always pays to be prepared. Keeping a few basics in your trunk can help you get out of most of these automotive problems. If you can fix the simple problems yourself, then you won’t have to waste time sitting around, waiting for roadside assistance to show up.

Here are some essentials to keep in your trunk:

Spare Tire, Tire Iron, and Jack

A flat tire is the most common cause to leave you stranded on the side of the road. These days, you’re pretty lucky if your car comes with a full size spare. Most cars at least come with the “donut” style temporary spare. If you’re buying a used car, or recently bought one, you’ll want to make sure it still has the spare, jack, and lug wrench that came with the car. Otherwise you should consider getting replacements.

Even though you don’t go around driving on your temporary spare (or, at least I hope you don’t), it can eventually wear out, due to dry rot. Periodically check the sidewalls of your spare for cracking to catch dry rot.

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Scary Signs You Need to Change Your Headlights before Halloween

Fog’s drifting in. There’s ghosts and monsters creeping down your street. Dark days lie ahead. Soon, the world will be engulfed in gloom.

Or it’s just Halloween and it’s about to start getting dark a lot earlier. In the next couple weeks, we get the one-two punch of Halloween and the end of daylight saving time. On November 5, we’ll all turn our clocks back (at least as long as we remember to – you’ll recognize the people who didn’t when they show up an hour late for work on the sixth).

There’s nothing we can do to make the days any longer or your evening commute any brighter, but, by checking your headlights, you can at least make sure you’ll be able to see and be seen on the road. You might even want to check up on your car’s lights sooner rather than later. After all, you’ll have to be on the lookout for all the trick-or-treaters on your block this Halloween.

Here are some scary signs that your headlights have about as much life in them as a zombie.

Faded/Cloudy Headlight Lenses

Are your headlights cloudier than a dark and stormy night, or scratched up worse than a werewolf’s latest victim? Road debris and salt can scratch up headlight lenses over time. The lenses can become  discolored and turn yellow. That not only makes your car look bad, but it decreases the distance and brightness of your beams, making it harder to see.

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Things To Consider Before Buying A New Car


My wife and I both commute about 50 miles each day round trip, in opposite directions. We own two SUVs, but found ourselves spending so much money on gas and repairs each month. It only made sense to find a vehicle that was better on gas and newer than ten years old.

I couldn’t help but think, “What is it that we’re trying to accomplish and what do we own?” These are the questions to ask yourself. After all, buying a new vehicle is a huge investment, but do it right and the process will be a lot easier.

When you’re shopping for a new vehicle, keep in mind what your needs are and what it is you’re trying to accomplish.

Before the hunt, ask yourself:

What’s your current situation?

We own a two SUVS. They’re both very good in inclement weather. They just tend to gobble up parts once in a while, and use a ton of gas. We had to have a vehicle that was low-cost and four-wheel-drive because we had to sell one of the SUVs that we own, or at least, so we thought.

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