Celebrate Friday With Some Great Automotive Mayhem.

First up, we have a burnout of epic proportion.  This is just how they do things in Australia.

Tony wrote – “Okay as a guy that’s been into circle track racing his entire life, I’ve never seen anything as crazy as this. Keep an eye on the car that hits the jump and pulls a Dukes Of Hazzard move over the car in front of him to gain a position. The best part about it is that theses guys didn’t skip a beat they just keep on racing… lol”

Lastly, we have Brian Ambrosini’s famous wheel standing Gremlin.  Driving this car must be like riding a bull…. that is very agitated….  while you’re on fire …… blindfolded.

Can’t see the Videos? Here are the links:




Did You Know That These Cord’s Were Front Wheel Drive?

This stunningly beautiful Cord was spotted in the Larz Anderson Museum last weekend. It’s an early 1930’s model, and it was front wheel drive.  Surprising right?  According to the write-up at the museum, this car’s hood line was about 1 foot lower than the comparable cars at the time.  That gave it a super sleek & low look that other companies were incapable of doing.  The most interesting thing that I noticed though, was that the front bumpers were attached to the suspension. That meant that when the wheels bounced up or down, the bumper went with them which kept the bumper at a constant height.  Quite clever I’d say…  I wonder what the torque steer was like?

We’re Sooo Close To 5000 Fans On Facebook!

When I was a kid, every so often some disgusting food, like cauliflower, would land on my dinner plate.  As you can imagine, with my pouty face in full swing, I was less than enthused.  So to try to get my motivation up, my mom would say to me “You like this!”  Luckily, I learned her tricks at a young age, and I knew that no matter how much she told me I liked cauliflower, it still tasted like broccoli that had gone bad. There was not enough salt, pepper , and butter in the world that was going to make that stuff edible.  I’m confident that whomever decided that cauliflower was a “food”, had made a terrible mistake.  Now that I am an adult (sometimes I really am) I chuckle inside when I see the Facebook “Like” button, because it makes me think of terrible tasting childhood dinners.

Now that we got that out of the way, you may notice that our magical Facebook widget on the right shows that we have almost 5000 fan’s!  So today, I have a challenge for you, should you choose to accept it.  If you have a friend (imaginary or not, I don’t judge), family member, cousin, or enemy that may enjoy the 1A Blog as much as you do, today is the day to share it with them.  Email it, post it on Facebook, text them, Tweet it, or get on the telephone. Whatever you gotta do.  Tell them that this blog is better than cauliflower, and your buddies Jeremy & Tony wants to meet them. With your help, we should be able to surpass that 5000 Facebook fan mark effortlessly, and take this whole thing to the next level.  In the past 3 months we have tripled in visitors here, and slowing down is not an option for us.

To thank you for sharing this warm blanket of automotive enthusiasm with a friend today, we’re going to post a few extra’s blogs up for your enjoyment. Check back often, because it’s gonna be a busy one!

-Team 1A Auto Blog

What The: BMW Drifting Through Concrete Walls?

A few days ago BMW Canada tossed a video on Youtube that is pretty darn cool.  It shows a BMW 1M sliding “through” concrete walls.  Naturally everybody on the interwebs is questioning if they were real or not.  Honestly, even if they were styrofoam, the video would still be crazy impressive.  Considering the video is called “BMW 1M – Walls – MPowered Performance Part 1”, I’d guess that we will all have the pleasure of a part 2 as well.  Enjoy!

Can’t see the video? here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEvpnKRLDO4

Well… I Finally Broke My KM132 Transmission

The other day I was doing a bit of “spirited” driving in my truck.  While in the process of doing a rolling burnout, a slight bit o’ mayhem found its way into my transmission.  It drove & shifted perfectly fine, and I didn’t even notice an issue until I was done driving.  I dropped the transmission into neutral and heard “WHHIIIIIRRRRRRRR” whenever I let the clutch pedal up.  When I pushed the clutch pedal back down, the input shaft on the transmission would slow down, stop, and the sound would go away.  So right off the bat I knew it was input shaft related, probably a bearing.  Sadly, my guess was wrong.

The first step was to pull the already Frankenstein’ed KM132 transmission out, and toss it up on the work bench.  Tada!  Some time ago, I decided that I needed a hydraulically activated clutch, so I cut out the bottom section of the ’87 2.0L bell housing and welded in a portion of a bell housing from a 1983 (?) Dodge Ram 50 Turbo diesel 4wd.  They had hydraulic clutches, and my cable clutch transmission was very similar in size and shape, so it was the obvious choice.  It was by far, one of the best upgrades I have done.  The back half of the transmission is from a Mitsubishi Starion because they had the shifter about 3″ further back than the Dodge Ram 50’s did.  Since my 4G63 turbo engine swap just so happened to be about 3″ forward from the stock engine location, this tail section put my shifter right where it was intended to be.

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Here is That Car err… Fire Truck You Wanted?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and they also say that nobody will ever love your car as much as you do.  A more perfect example of both of these sayings could not have been found before today.  Without further adieu, I now  present to you … drumroll … this truck-car-thingy-ma-do that I spotted on eBay.  The project initially started with a pretty fancy looking V12 Seagrave fire truck engine that makes a neck snapping 202 horsepower and 375 foot pounds of torque. The engine by itself is really a nice piece of machinery and apparently runs like a top.  Unfortunately for that beautiful engine, it was then surrounded by the strangest selection of mismatched parts that any one human could have imagined. Read More

Hill Climb Racing Is Horrifyingly Scary, Yet So Relevant To My Interests

If you enjoy the sights and sounds of engines revving to the point of explosion, cars doing 100+ through the middle of the forest, and drivers with a complete lack of fear, this video is for you.  It is 14 minutes of ridiculous BMW hill climbing that will get your adrenaline pumping.  By the time you are done watching it, you are going to need a shower and a nap.  Enjoy!


Can’t see the video? here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhmeVz5nVHU