Most Common 2010 to 2015 Cadillac SRX Problems

A 2nd gen Cadillac SRX with problems like the headlights or sunroof leaking is common for this generation. Many vehicles come with their own set of problems. Here’s the top 5 problems owners have reportedly found on the 2010 to 2015 Cadillac SRX.

Top 5 Issues on the 2nd Generation Cadillac SRX (2010-2015)

1. Condensation in Headlights

Symptoms of Headlight Condensation Problems on the 2010 to 2015 Cadillac SRX

  • Foggy inside the headlight
  • Water droplets inside the headlight
  • Puddle inside the headlight

Causes of Headlight Condensation Problems

A little condensation is normal but it can build over time from leaks.

How to Fix Headlight Condensation Problems

Turn the high beams on and let it run to remove some of the condensation.

If the condensation doesn’t evaporate and puddles in the headlight, replace the headlight.

2. Timing Chain Problems

Symptoms of Timing Chain Problems

  • Check engine light for the timing chain

Causes of Timing Chain Problems

The timing chain can stretch over time

How to Fix Timing Chain Problems

If the chain is stretched, replace it

To prevent the chain from stretching, change the oil regularly and with proper oil.

3. Engine Problems like Engine Running Rough at Idle

Symptoms of Common Engine Problems on the 10-15 Cadillac SRX

  • Engine running rough at idle

Causes of Common Engine Problems

  • Carbon build-up on the throttle body
  • Faulty MAF sensor
  • Dirty engine air filter

How to Fix Common Engine Problems

On the 10-15 Cadillac SRX, after the repair is completed, the engine will need to complete an idle relearn with the proper scan tool

4. Liftgate Problems

Symptoms of Liftgate Problems on the 2010 to 2015 Cadillac SRX

  • Automatic liftgate doesn’t open or open all the way

Causes of Liftgate Problems

  • The button or switch might be on a different setting
  • Liftgate struts are weaker or broken

How to Fix Liftgate Problems

First check the switch on the door and confirm it hasn’t been set to the OFF position. Switching it to the MAX setting will allow the liftgate to open all the way.

If it’s faulty or weak liftgate struts causing the issue, it’s fairly easy to replace them yourself.

5. Sun Roof Leaks

Symptoms of Sun Roof Leaks

  • Leaks from around the outside of the sun roof
  • Wet carpet
  • Wet seats

Causes of Sun Roof Leaks

Seals can weaken and let excessive water into the drainage channels. If too much water leaks inside the channels, it can leak inside the cab.

How to Fix Sun Roof Leaks

A properly working drain at the inner fender well on a 10-15 Cadillac SRX. Improper drainage is one of the common problems on the 2nd gen SRX
A properly working drain at the inner fender well

You can test for leaks by pouring water and seeing if it enters the cab.

If there are no apparent leaks, check the drains from outside the vehicle by removing the inner fender well and seeing if the drain is clogged. Remove the pillars and make sure the tubes are connected.

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