Gas Prices: Anybody Else Notice The Sneakiness?

It didn’t really hit me until this weekend, but I think gas prices have been sneaking their way back up again.  Those little rascals….  According to, we are currently averaging around $3.00 per gallon for regular gas in the US.  While that certainly isn’t as bad as the $4.00 per Gallon in 2007, it is not as nice as the wonderful days in mid-2008 when we were dancing in the streets over the sub-$2.00 gas average.  It definitely makes me consider creating an 87 octane tune for my truck so that I can run it on 87 whenever I want to be cheap, and then swap to 93 when I want to force 25 psi through it. Is it summer yet?

What are the gas prices like where you live?

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