How Many Cars / Trucks / Motorcycles Have You Owned?

My friend and co-worker Scott Young and I have had a competition going on for about 12 years now.  Every once in a while it comes up in conversation and puts the look of shock on people’s faces.  Our competition is “who has owned the most vehicles”.  We have defined “ownership” as having the vehicle’s title officially in that person’s name.  In Massachusetts, getting a title can be a huge hassle, so we agreed this would be a great way to prove ownership.   Now, we have been legally driving for about 12 years now, and the amount (and kind) of vehicles that we have owned could really make you question what is wrong with us.  Some of these vehicles were great deals, and some were huge mistakes, but they were all great learning experiences.

Jeremy’s list:

1) 1964 Chevy Impala Convertible straight 6, 3 speed on the column:

I bought this car when I was 15, and started a body-off restoration to it.  I have driven it 10 miles in 12 years.  I still have it, because it is a lifelong project. Someday I might drive it a few more miles.

2) 1987 Dodge Ram 50 Truck:

I spent about 1 million hours making this truck look discretely custom, super clean, and straight.  Regretfully, I got bored with it and sold it for a mere $800.  It is now in a junkard, completely destroyed.  I visited her often to make sure she was ok, then one day she was gone.

3) 1995 Chevy S10 Truck:

It was ok for basic transportation, but terribly slow with it’s 2.2L & automatic transmission.  I bet I drove it for a solid 4 months before selling it.

4) 1994 Chevy S10 Extended Cab Truck:

I liked this truck a lot. I lowered it, put a big stereo in it and tried to make it loud enough to set off car alarms.  Gosh, I was a real jerk back then, I’m sorry about that.

5) 1994 Dodge Intrepid:

Awesomely big and comfortable car, but it ate up timing belts, water pumps and transmissions like nobody’s business.  If it was a rear wheel drive car with a manual transmission, I would probably still have it.  Unfortunately, it was just way too stressful to own.  It was the only car I purposely did damage to.  I still have nightmares about the timing belt I broke in a snowstorm, that was the absolute worst.

6) 1996 Saab 900 SE:

A fairly fun car to drive with the turbocharged engine, but replacing the clutch cables on a regular basis was getting annoying.  It was also not a cheap car to fix when it needed parts.

7) 1990 Mitsubishi Mightymax:

This was my first truck that I did the turbocharged eclipse 4G63 engine swap to.  I finished the engine swap and thought about driving it on the road legally.  However, after realizing that it was going to take 10 years of bodywork to get the panels straight, I stripped it to a shell, and junked it.  No regrets.

8 ) 1990 Plymouth Laser Fwd turbo:

For $300, I pulled this out of a back yard and drove it home with a bad turbo, running on 3 cylinders.  I cleaned it up, replaced the turbo and the burned valve, and drove it for several thousand miles.  Sold it to another 1A Auto employee that continued to drive it for many thousands of miles. It is rumored to be a full time drag car these days.

9) 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD turbo:

This car was abandoned in a parking lot, and I had watched it sit there for about 2 years untouched. I hunted down the former owner, and bought it for $500.  I threw a different ECU in it and planned on keeping it for many wonderful years.  Unfortunately, I got pulled over a lot, and decided that it needed to go.  It was also bought by the same 1A Employee that bought my Plymouth Laser.  It was then sold to another friend of mine that is currently swapping a stroker motor into it.

10) 2000 Mitsubishi Galant:

This was the slower, 4 door, replacement car for the Eclipse.  I bought it with an automatic transmission, and swapped it to a 5 speed manual transmission because automatics are awful.  It starts everyday and always gets me where I’m going.  I like it.

11) 1996 Chevy S10 Truck:

I got an absolutely spectacular deal on this and I knew the entire history of it. I drove it about 500 miles and sold it for a nice profit.

12) 1991 Chevy Camaro RS 305:

This car was received in trade for some work on our very own Rob Conlon’s 1975 Corvette.  It really is a clean car, but the clearcoat just doesn’t want to stay on the roof for any period of time.  I recently sold this one to a good home.  It is in good hands.

13) 1989 Dodge Ram 50 Macro Cab Turbo:

This is my current truck that I put a turbocharged Eclipse 4G63 engine into.  It is the cleanest truck that I have ever owned and the free price tag was just right.  I thoroughly enjoy this truck and I hope I  don’t come up with any reason to get rid of it.  It is really quite fun to drive, and it doesn’t scream out “arrest me” while I drive through town.

14) 1988 Honda Hawk GT 650:

This is my motorcycle that I completely customized and ride in the summertime. It has 1964 impala tail lights, viper yellow paint, and a huge list of modifications. I like working on it more than I like riding it.  I’m a car guy at heart.

15) 1998 BMW Z3 1.9L:

This was a good deal like many of the vehicles that I have owned.  Its fun in the sun, and makes me feel more important than everybody else on the road.  I’m going to sell it soon because I don’t belong in this car, and I could use the driveway space.

Scott’s List:

1) 1980 Toyota Celica:

This car was the best off-roading vehicle that either of us have owned.  It was rear wheel drive, had a manual transmission, and the reliability of a Toyota.  If he didn’t total it, I have no doubt that it would be a full time race car right now.  Gosh that car was fun.

2) 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer:

3 speed manual transmission, V8 and an unimaginable amount of rot.  It was truly amazing that the body stayed in 1 piece, because there wasn’t a solid piece of metal on it.  On the other hand, it was quite a reliable truck, I don’t believe it ever let him down.

3) 1984 Olds Delta 88:

A true piece of American history.  This car was no less than 200 feet long, and the 14 additional speakers could deafen people from a 1/4 mile away.  With it’s red racing stripes over the hood, it raced its way to the junkyard under its own power in 1st gear with no brakes.  It was truly hilarious in every way, shape, AND form.

4) 1988 Chevy Camaro T-Top 2.8L (Z28 look-alike):

Scott got this Camaro for free because it had an engine fire, was disassembled, and left out in the weather for several years.  As crazy as it sounds, the car was in great shape other than the engine.  We put over 1 trillion hours of work into this car at the time, and it hated us in return.  The injectors constantly had what appeared to be chocolate brownie stuck in them on the fuel side.  The car had a new tank, new fuel lines and a dozen fuel filters. To our knowledge, the brownie fairy wasn’t filling his injectors in the middle of the night, so we were baffled.  We both learned immensely from that car, and although it was a major headache at the time, I am glad he had it.  I am also glad it is long gone.

5) 1988 Chevy K5 Blazer:

This truck was a value that could not be beat.  It had new everything, looked great, but kids were scared to ride in it.  So Scott bought it for about a 1/10 of what it was worth, and began customizing.  It got a monster truck size lift kit, big tires, a light bar, soft top roof, vinyl floor covering, and a loud flowmaster exhaust.  With all of these things combined, getting a legal inspection sticker became impossible.  It was sadly sold, and the regret is still deep in Scott’s heart.

6) 1986 Mustang GT 5.0L:

This was free to Scott if we helped a friend move to a new house.  The car had been sitting long enough to begin to sink into the PAVED driveway.  After siphoning a few mouth fulls of bad gas out of the tank, we got her running again and drove her to her new home…. hidden at a friends house. Seriously, if Scott brought another junk car home, he may have been kicked out of the house.  This was a decent car and quickly flipped for a decent profit.

7) 1964 Thunderbird 390:

Thunderbirds seem to always end up in Scott’s hands, nobody can explain it, because he doesn’t really even like Fords.  Anywho, he bought this from my family, he did some work to it, and drove it a bit. Then he re-sold it to a friend that sadly parted it out.  This was truly disappointing, because it was a very original car.

8 ) 1995 Ford Windstar Van (The Teal Serpent):

A free van can’t be passed up sometimes, even if it is teal green and was rumored to have a pair of blown head gaskets.  After quickly learning that “head gasket in a bottle” doesn’t actually work as shown on TV, he replaced them the “right” way. It was then that he learned that the radiator was the actual problem that caused the head gaskets to blow from overheating.  It was a learning experience for all parties involved.  Good van, too bad it was so darn ugly.

9) 1998 Geo tracker:

This was passed down through Scott’s family until his sister released the pistons from the engine while driving down the highway.  The carnage was immense, and fun to look at if it isn’t yours.  Scott bought it off his sister and tossed an engine in it so that he had a reliable 4 wheel drive beater.

10) 1963 Ford Thunderbird:

People call Scott and myself all the time with automotive bargains, and this was one of those.  It is a beautiful looking and driving T-bird that had been sitting in a friend’s driveway for a few years because the “family thing” happened.  It is now in Scott’s capable hands and he drives it regularly to car shows and to get ice cream.

11) 1991 Honda Hawk GT 650:

Yes, Scott and I have the same bike… pretty much.  After riding his bike, I knew I needed one too. I can’t say enough great things about Honda Hawk’s. They have a V-Twin, a single sided swing arm, and a short wheelbase to carve corners with.  Both of our bikes are unbelievable fun to ride and extremely unique.

12) 1985 Pontiac Fiero GT:

While trying to sell “The Teal Serpent”, I nonchalantly put a sign on Scott’s windshield that said “may trade for Fiero” because he is a Fiero Fanatic.  We laughed at the thought of a Fiero owner wanting a teal van in trade, but apparently it was nothing to laugh about.   A guy left his business card on the windshield saying that he would sell his 1 owner 85 GT 4 speed V6 for “cheap money” if Scott was interested.  Well, Scott sold the van, and bought that guy’s Fiero.  It is currently in the middle of a fastback conversion.  Hopefully we can get it done soon!

13) 1951 Dodge B Series Truck:

This was a good deal from a friend & fellow 1AAuto employee. It was sitting in her parents yard, and Scott was pretty sure he could do something with it.  That is still yet to be determined.

14) 1992 Chevy Lumina:

The high class Geo Tracker was rear ended and totaled, so a replacement was needed fast.  A few phone calls later, a $1, one-owner Lumina arrives.  It had issues, but they are sorted out, and now he is riding in style.  Temp gauge, oil gauge, voltage gauge? Who needs em!? Not this Chevy Lumina.

So as you can see, we have both had quite a few vehicles.  This is not counting the ones that we have owned and not titled in our names.  You can assume there have been 40-50% more if we included those, but that just wouldn’t be fair.

How does your collection compare? Do you have us beat?

Jeremy Nutt

Hi, I'm Jeremy.

24 thoughts to “How Many Cars / Trucks / Motorcycles Have You Owned?”

  1. 1. 1974 dodge dart swinger I loved this thing. This car had a 318 that had to have a rebuild so it recieved a 340 crank and a set of 360 heads, a rebuilt 904 and a sissy 7 3/4 rearend. The trans and rear recieved a rebuild. I wish I could do then what I do now. The crossmember gave way and a lower control arm mounting points gave way and wollowed out. I sent it to the scrapper after I parted it. I am going to have another one one day! This time I will keep it.

    2. 1996 dodge neon. Got this car into the 14s using all factory combination of parts. This is the only car I have totalled, or even wrecked. And it wasnt my fault. A lady hit me head on. She was doing 60 I was doing 5. I got it back and parted it out.

    3. 1984 Honda civic hatch just a beater I bought with a blown headgasket I drove it around then got
    tired of it and sold the parts car with it for 3 times of what I payed for both.

    4. 1983 dodge ramcharger 360 and 4wd on 31 inch tires. Sold it

    5.1996 dodge neon sport this one is dear to me also it was a salvage title car I bought out of pick n pull. went in first thing in the morning with a friend stayed 4 hours. I went through every neon in the yard pulled 2 engines and loaded a ton of other parts into the back seats and trunk. Went into the main office with the painted numbers on the car, and vin, then asked how much for it. They told me 550 and for 600 they would deliver it. So while they were waiting for the extra tow truck to arrive, I threw a battery in and put a few things on and had it running with a screw driver. They loaded it up onto the truck. Later on this car ended up with a cammed 2.4 caravan engine in it with idividual throttle bodies (30mm ea) and a large kkk turbo. That car was fast. I drove it for 1.5yrs. I parted it out when I opened my shop in 05. I closed it up when I wanted a more stable paycheckin 07and was getting ready to have my first child. I wish I still had this like whoa!

    6. 2002 subaru wrx blue and awesome! Except for the fact clutches and trannys hated life. I was a young 18 yr old kid working as a line tech at mitsubishi who thought I knew it all. I abused this car so bad and was clueless about how bad lean was. I burned up 2 engines 1 turbo and 2 trans and 3 clutches. This thing saw several hundred passes at the strip. And a few auto x's. It took a month of learning and perfecting the launch. That didnt help the driveline either. Tons and tons of abuse and breaking things lead to me getting rid of this thing after a year and some change.

    7. 1988 ford festiva. Not much I can say about this one. 12 inch wheels FTW. Great beater. It went to a good home.

    8. 1991 ford festiva. Its the only automatic one I have seen to date. This thing was white and lowered on 13s and they looked huge. Shaved handles and tweed interior. It was a car I found for my wife when we first started dating.

    9. 2005 saturn vue v6 awd. Nice but no thank you.

    10. 1999 Honda accord se top of the line 4cyl accord with every option. Good family car but super gutless. It replaced the Saturn. We got it cheap a couple years ago. It now has over 215k on the clock. Ultra reliable and 28 to 33 mpg.

    11. 1998 dodge neon r/t this car was my daily forever. I put 60k on this thing with a built motor, and not a huge turbo but quick spoiling. This car saw 110+ daily on my long commute to work. In some parts of Texas there is alot of nothing! I sold my old set up to my brother, but am very close to having everything rounded up to get back into shape to be a very quick and ultra reliable back up turbo car.

    12. 1998 dodge neon rt. I traded this bone stock car for the laser that was my trucks parts car. This car was the same color as my other rt. Black with silver stripes. I put an automatic in it for my wife to drive for a year or so, and then put the 5speed back to trade it.

    13. 1992 mitsu mighty max. 4g63t swap in progress. Build on

    I know I have missed a couple and this is taking a while. If we count cars that I havent titled or dont keep long enough to transfer and parts cars this can go well into the 30s!

  2. You guys got me beat!

    1. '92 Celica ST Auto – 103 hp!

    2. '97 Eclipse RS MT – Got me into DSM's

    3. '95 Eclipse GSX MT – Blew the motor on the way to the shootout and never ran again!

    4. '95 Talon TSi AWD MT – Daily driver while the GSX was broken

    5. '03.5 MazdaSpeed Protege – Fun little daily driver

    6. '97 Honda CBR 600 – Great bike, and hope to get another soon!

    7. '06 Evo IX – Man I miss that car 🙁 Had to sell to buy a house!

    8. '91 Galant VR4 – Had a short-lived life with me, but was a fun sleeper!

    9. '96 Talon TSi AWD MT – New toy and still on jackstands after a year of ownership! Hope to get it on the road soon though

  3. I sort of lost track of all the vehicles, been driving since '67.
    Some of them were real sweet and I miss them. I still have the '04 Dodge Ram, the '08 Dodge Charger RT and the '06 Hayabusa. Love the horsepower!

    1. 1967 Yamaha YAS-1 125cc twin
    2. 1960 Ford Starliner w/ 390 4bbl
    3. 1970 Ford Maverick
    4. 1971 Honda CB450
    5. 1965 Rambler American
    6. 1964 VW Bug
    7. 1957 Chevy panel truck
    8. 1949 Ford F1 pick up
    9. 1972 Norton Commando 750
    10. 1978 Ford F150 4×4
    11. 1979 Ford F150 4×4
    12. 1960 Ford Ranchero
    13. 1972 Honda CB750
    14. 1974 Ford E250 van
    15. 1972 Dodge Powerwagon
    16. 1974 Ford F150
    17. 1972 VW Super Beetle
    18. 1982 Olds Cutlass
    19. 1987 Pontiac Firebird Formula 350
    20. 1984 Pontiac Parisiene wagon
    21. 1991 Dodge Ram 150
    22. 1994 Chevy Astro van
    23. 1998 Dodge Ram van
    24. 1978 Chevy 1500 pickup
    25. 2000 Dodge Ram 1500
    26. 2004 Dodge Ram Hemi
    27. 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa
    28. 2000 Buick LeSabre
    29. 2006 Chrysler Pacifica
    30. 2008 Dodge Charger RT Hemi
    31. 1998 Ford Taurus

  4. 1967 F-150 240-6 4spd, shudda kept it!
    1970 FJ-40 sucky six, but looked tough sold for a nice profit!
    1975 Plymouth Trailduster 4×4, hot 360 with all the go stuff!
    1975 C-20 350 bomb, sold it twice
    1964 SWB Chebby 327, beautiful rebuild, orange, new chrome and Cragers! …money maker!
    1973 Honda 550-4 sold it to a buddy
    1976 Honda 750-4 got stolen…found the guy, not the bike…turd got whooped, cost him so much more in oral, eye and bone mending surgery…and I don't think his truck was insured. But it still cost me 'ole smoke' the 750.
    1983 Virago 750 sold it… good bike, just needed a hill to start.
    1953 Studebaker Commander (early model) V8…sold it to a collector!
    1970 Skylark 350 granny car…GS wanna be!
    1985 Ram 1/2 ton 318 work truck..traded even for the '87 F-150…got screwed!
    1987 F-150 302 what a dog…but purdy! sold it
    1991 F-150 4×4 4.9l six, oil field beater…dropped $3800 in it so far and still going!..but worth $1500 or so.
    198- Datsoon 300, real P.O.S.! but looked good. Traded for a 626, fast talkin' car dealer thought he took me for a ride…
    1988 Mazda 626, Great Car!! (wife's ride)
    1990 Buick… gave it to mom.
    1992 chebby minivan, looked like a space shuttle. wife wrecked it, thank goodness!
    1995 K-10 Suburban, The most expensive P.O.S. I've ever owned!!
    2002 FX-150 my son got that one, great truck!!
    2004 Jetta 2.5 wife's hencho in mexico beater.
    Only kept the '91 4×4 Ford six and the Mexican Jetta
    Dad Burn…I'm old!!!

  5. Oh, how could I forget the 1963 dodge swb pickup I planned to slam, shave and possibly chop the top…but never did. sold it..
    Or that stupid 'vette that required crawling out of on hands and knees or the trans-am with the welded doors, both gone…and most of all, the six dirt bikes, two boats, and five four wheelers which sit in various stages of 'repair'…all other peoples discards. Good thing I've got five trailers around to tote the crap!! Next let's write 'bout stuff with out engines!!

  6. #1 – 1986 Pontiac Parisienne (probably spelled wrong) V6
    #2 – 1987 Mercury Grand Marquis LS
    #3 – 1998 Ford Crown Victoria HPP (have had it for about 10 years now)
    #4 – 1974 AMC Javelin (a running project)

  7. At one time I could list them all but I’m sure I would miss a few these ar the ones I have right now.
    32 T bucket
    36 Dodge bros 350 on GM frame
    67 Camaro convertible
    67 Deville convertible
    74 Eldorado convertible
    73 & 74 MG Midget
    82 Chevy 4×4 short box step side
    87 BMW 325i convertible
    91 Honda Street
    98 Audi Cabriolet
    99 Audi A6
    00 Chrysler T&C
    03 Caddi CTS
    Honda Goldwing
    No Money
    And one lovely and very understanding wife who loves cars but has only had a drivers license for the past two years.

  8. 1. 1951 Ford , second gear you would be in reverse .
    2. 1954 Chevy yellow and white more orange than yellow,.23 teeth in front grille, drove 300 miles gathering the teeth. they came with 5
    3. 1959 Chevy convertible 2 rear ends and three tranny’s later I traded it, pass everything except a gas station
    4. 1965 Mustang Gt coup turn mid 15’s in 1/4 mile 225 horse 4 speed, loved this one .
    5. 1967 Galaxy 500 (whut a dog)
    6. 1969 Thunder bird ,nice car
    7. 1969 Mustang ,back in the saddle again.
    8. 1976 Ford elite sort of snobby . I did leave out a 1969 Buick Riviera
    9. Dodge something or other ?1986
    10 1988 Dodge Dakota pick up I put 300,000 miles on this one new
    11.1997 Ford conversion van , nice, head on collision ended its career and almost ended mine, just had put $1,100 in the engine; two weeks later a Dodge Ram hit it while I was sitting at a red light ,he dropped his phone and had to pick it up no matter what. He was doing at least 50 .He hit two other cars after he hit me.
    12. 1992 Oldsmobile this car still runs good today .
    13 1995 Buick lesabre final drive blew
    14. 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan sport, I am done, I may have left out a few that are not worth mention . we all have cars we would like to forget . I have owned two new vehicles and do not intend to own another new one as they are over rated. This is from 19 years old to now, 68 years old . It is amazing how much we waste and run through in a life time. This list is from memory so I may have left out many LOL

  9. I have no idea how many I’ve owned, but just figured out ten brands and eleven cars that are no longer made that I’ve had. There were two Studabakers. I also had a Bridgestone m.c., and a Brit made Royal Enfield m.c. I’ve been driving 50+ years and probably averaged at least two per year. Eight motorcycles plus a few dirt bikes.

  10. I’ve been dring since 1957. In the time since i (and my wife) have owned a total of 108 cars, trucks and motor cycles. At times as many as eight, but usually three or four. You know, mine, yours and EC (emergency car). At the present time we have five cars, one truck , a fifth-wheel trailer and a slide in camper. No, we are not dealers, just gearheads.

    1. Richard – That’s a lot of cars! It sounds like I need to step up my car buying and selling! So out of all of the ones you no longer have, which one do you miss the most?

  11. Started with a de soto coupe 1931 1937 Nash laughing yet coup, 1936 dodge sedan delivery, 1937 Plymouth 4door,
    1932 ford pickup v8′ 1929 ford model a, 1941 dodge, 1937 Oldsmobile,1938 Buick,1940 ford pickup,1950 dodge pickup
    1937 ford woodie.
    2wiltcat bucks converts,1956 ford pickup. And a lot more. Bought 1 rice rocket and no more.

    1. Sal, it sounds like you had a lot of nice stuff from the 1930’s! I would love a 37 Nash, or a 38 Buick. That era had so many beautiful cars! Out of all of them, which car was your favorite?

  12. 1. 1984 Honda Accord – white. Due to rust, was called the snow leopard.
    2. 1991 Honda CRX si – Black, sohc vtec swap – loved that car!
    3. 1993 Honda Accord SE – boring.
    4. 1990 Honda CRX HF – Beater / commuter.
    5. 1993 Acura NSX – Automatic, but 170+ on the highway, felt like 70mph!
    6. 2001 Acura Integra – LS turbo – cleanest integra ever.
    7. 1991 Honda CRX si – black (different one) LS Turbo. FAST.
    8. 2007 Saturn Sky redline – boring.
    9. 2007 Corvette Z06 – I miss you.
    10. 1993 Subaru Legacy Wagon
    11. 1996 Volvo 850 GLT
    12. 1995 Eagle Talon TSI
    13. 1994 Toyota Corolla – $200 car
    14. 1991 Mitsubishi Mightymax.

  13. #1 1977 Chevy El Camino. First car. Blew transmission street racing.
    #2 1978 Chevy Malibu. Called the rockinchair, had bad shocks and front slings.
    #3 1980 Ford LTD (4 door) not a Ford Guy but loved this car.
    Literally drove until the wheels fell off.
    #4 1964 Chevy impala 2 door htp. 283 automatic. My all-time favorite car.
    Still own after 22 yes. In process of ground up restoration.
    #5 1985 Chevy Cavalier hatch back. Good little car. Great on gas. Wish I never
    Traded it in for my next car on the list.
    #6 1996 Dodge neon. Head gasket horror. Blew two. Nice ride too many problems.
    #7 1981 Chevy El Camino. 3 speed on the floor, fuel injected v6, straight from the
    Factory. Still own. Started restoration not completed.
    #8 1996 Plymouth neon. My little monster. Purchased for $80. Timing belt was broke.
    Car had neon lights inside, cold air intake, chip, Turbo muffler and other add on’when
    Purchased. Was giving mustang ty’s a run for their money. Sad to say lost car on a flooded highway.
    #9 1962 Chevy bel-air. 4 door sedan. Purchased, sold, then re-purchased. Still own, need some word. Don’t know what to do with it.
    #10 1998 Chevy blazer. Still own, all around good truck. Hit 3 deer and a center divider with it.
    #11 1980 Chevy Camaro. Still own. Street/Drag car. Purchased from friend who
    Got too many tickets on it. Plan to take to the drag strip this summer
    #12 1985 Ford Mustang gt hatch back. Purchased from friend. Still own
    #13 1985 Ford Mustang notch back. V-6. Still own. Gonna put a 302 out of a 1977 F-150
    In it.
    #14 1997 Buick la sabre. My every day driver

  14. My names Steve and I’ve been driving since ’96. I’m on my 26th vehicle. Hear they are.
    1. ’89 subaru loyale (maroon)
    2. ’87 toyota camry (tan/blue)
    3. ’86 gmc s15 (gray)
    4. ’73 jeep cj7 (black)
    5. ’89 toyota pickup 22re (white)
    6. ’93 toyota pickup 3.0v6 (black)
    7. ’91 toyota pickup 22re (gray)
    8. ’89 pontiac sunbird (blue)
    9. ’96 jeep grand cherokee (tan)
    10. ’87 acura integra (blue)
    11. ’02 dodge stratus (white)
    12. ’87 chevy nova/toyota corolla (gray)
    13. ’90 chevy shortbox 2wd (yellow)
    14. ’90 toyota 4runner (gray)
    15. ’92 isuzu trooper (green)
    16. ’90 geo tracker (blue)
    17. ’86 mitsubishi pickup 2wd (tan)
    18. ’04 chevy impala (blue)
    19. ’96 dodge stratus (black)
    20. ’91 gmc sierra ec 4wd (blue)
    21. ’95 saturn sc1 (tan)
    22. ’95 dodge dakota (green)
    23. ’95 lincoln towncar (silver)
    24. ’96 dodge dakota (blue)
    25. ’96 ford windstar (green)
    26. ’89 s10 blazer 4wd w/plow (blue)

      1. Yes i do like the 90s. my opinion is that cars went to hell after that. I would do anything to have another 89-93 toyota pickup or 4runner. Those are my favorite vehicles. They never die and can go anywhere. As you can see i’ve had four of them.

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