Jeep Wrangler Radio Not Working? How to Fix Problems with Chrysler Radios

If you have a Jeep Wrangler with a radio not working or another Chrysler vehicle like a Jeep Patriot, Chrysler 200, Dodge Caravan, or Ram truck that has problems with the radio volume, check out this quick fix. Follow the steps in this video or article from our expert mechanic Sue and find out how to fix this problem yourself.

How to Fix a Jeep Wrangler’s, Patriot’s, and other Chrysler Vehicles’ Radio Not Working

Mechanic inside of a jeep with a radio not working

It’s common for some Chrysler vehicles like the Dodge Caravan or Jeep Wrangler to have problems with the radio. You may turn on the radio and see the volume reads as “0,” and turning the knob won’t change it. You may hear a clicking feedback from the speakers, like the radio’s amplifier is not working. Along with that, you may still find the radio memory and set stations are saved, and you may the volume works on other settings.

Update, Service, or Replace the Radio

There’s a technical service bulletin (TSB) that says a Chrysler dealership will need to connect a scan tool and see if the radio needs to be updated. If it hasn’t been updated, the dealership can try to reprogram the body control module. If the radio has been updated and still isn’t working, then it’ll need to be sent out and fixed, or replaced with an aftermarket version.

How to Replace a Chrysler Radio Not Working

You can also take the dash apart and unplug the radio directly yourself to remove it.

You’ll need to remove the center console, and in this article’s video, we also needed to remove the AC and heat vents, the control panel, the upper panel and the knee kick panel.

General steps to replace a radio not working in a Jeep Wrangler, Patriot, and more Chrysler vehicles

  1. Remove the Vents

    To remove this specific part, check out our video at 2:00 where Sue removes the vent out ring pieces with a screwdriver and the Jeep moniker in the UP position. You’ll turn the outer vent part to access the cut out hole at the top. Inset a pocket screwdriver, pull down on the lever, and turn the outer bezel counterclockwise to pull the vent out.

  2. Remove the Center Switches

    Pop out the center switches and disconnect the electrical connector.

  3. Remove the Upper Trim Tray and Screw

    Pull out the upper trim tray and remove the screw underneath.

  4. Remove the Lower Kick Panel and Screws

    Take off the lower kick panel from under the steering wheel. Then remove the screws underneath.

  5. Remove the Dash Trim and Screws

    Lower the steering wheel. Pry up the dash trim and remove the screw.

  6. Remove the Radio’s Screws and the Radio

    Remove the screws from the radio. Pull the radio out. Press the tab and disconnect the connectors.

Install More with Our How-to Videos

Learn how to fix more than a radio not working in a Jeep Wrangler or Patriot. Find how-to videos specific to many models and learn how to replace different parts yourself with tips from our expert mechanics.

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