The 3M Stripe Off Wheel Does NOT Disappoint.

The other day, our very own Scott Young was needing to remove some fancy factory striping on his 1985 Pontiac Fiero GT.  Why? Well, it’s a long and complicated story.  Let’s just say that he and I swapped his car from a notch back to a fast back, and we replaced a few lower body panels at the same time.  Some panels had stripes, others didn’t, and it looked completely ridiculous.  As much as I love stripes, even I knew they had to go.  However, I also knew the dangers of removing stripes with heat and a razor blade.  I have a nasty scar on my finger to prove it. 11 years later and I still cringe thinking about that hospital trip.  LUCKILY!  Scott found a much, much better way of handling this task than I did so many years ago. 

Normally when you buy some kind of device that is supposed to relieve you of a difficult task, it ends up failing you, and somebody ends up injured.  3M doesn’t play that game.  Whenever I buy something that is made by 3M, I remember just how superawesomefantastic they are.  (I even save my 3M brand electrical tape for special occasions in the garage, like when I want my wiring harness to look extra nice.) Now Scott, also a 3M fan, purchased the “Stripe Off Wheel” (Part # 07498).  He tried it on his car briefly 1 night to  prove its worth, and promptly sent me a text message telling me how it worked out in mathematical terms.

This stripe remover = Soffet Cutters x Vice Grips + Quick Grips to the power of the Plasma Cutter”  (All his favorite tools.)

He also said that he was 100% sure that the Stripe Off Wheel was the absolute best tool that he has ever owned. That’s a bold statement considering his passion for Vice Grips.  The following weekend he brought the stripe off wheel and the Fiero over to my place so that I too could witness how amazing the tool was first hand.  I was impressed to say the least. I even took a video.

Can’t see the video?  Here is the link:

Well, there it is, a totally free endorsement for a superawesomefantastic product that we don’t even sell.  It cost Scott something like $28 and it saved him at least 10-15 hours of frustration and a minimum of 1 trip to the hospital.  That tool is worth its weight in gold. You win again 3M! … you always do …

Image borrowed from eBay Item # 230591887178

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5 thoughts to “The 3M Stripe Off Wheel Does NOT Disappoint.”

      1. Its been at least a year and my friend’s Mazda Protege headlamps still look good. The true test would be on a late 90s Dodge Caravan, but since those no longer exist outside of a junkyard…

      2. The 3M kit uses the same polishing compound used to remove scratches on a CD for it’s final step.
        If you have the right person using it, it can make a hazed(but not fully yellowed through) lens look new.

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