You Need New Struts….. 3 Years Ago….

Last night I had the pleasure of working on a truly amazing 1992 Chevy Lumina. I am forced to describe it this way for two distinct reasons.   The first one being that it was daily driving with two front strut spring mounts that were moments away from catastrophic failure.   I’m not talking about a small scale failure here like when you step on a rake, it’s way more unpredictable than that.  Just imagine stepping on the end of a rake, and when it swings up to whack you in the forehead, you get hit with a lemon maringue pie instead.  Yes, strut failure would be that crazy.  I’m talking about the kind of failure that you read about in text books, and the type that induces Y2K sort of fear.   I mean if these struts had failed, it would have blown out the new tires in grand fashion.  There would have been violent bull-ride steering,  foot-through-the-floor braking, and enough spinning to find yourself being the first one at the scene of the accident.  At that point, the car is totaled because let’s be honest, its a 1992 Lumina.  NADA values it between $362 – $2062.  Ouch.  The second reason that this car was truly amazing is that all of the bolts came out during the disassembly, which was a real Monday evening miracle.  I was fully expecting to break off every bolt that I touched, but every single one came out without any real drama.

Moral is: We saved this one just before the accident happened.  Seriously, it could have been really bad.  Ok, enough blah blah blah. You want to see pictures don’t you?

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