22.5 Inch Wheels on a Mid 50’s Chevy Truck

I’m not sure that this picture does justice for the ungodly size of the wheels and tires on this truck.  In person, this truck is massive, and disturbingly awesome.  The tire size was claiming 22.5 inch, and I’d agree.  The rear differential must have weighed about 800 pounds, and the brake drums looked big enough to stop a large locomotive.  I’m not sure who’s idea this was, but they deserve a high 5 and a free sandwich or something for pulling it off.  Just gawk at the rear tire for a while and let me know what you think.

Jeremy Nutt

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15 thoughts to “22.5 Inch Wheels on a Mid 50’s Chevy Truck”

  1. It’s different, I have to give the guy credit for that. Would you rather see yet another slammed truck with rubber band tires and the fenders cut out, or this? I think it’s pretty cool.

  2. Eric and MacQueen, here this my friend: beauty and ugly is in the eye of the beholder….and yes Mr. D-W-Noobs: you may have a point there.

  3. I guess it is a personal thing about color but I could think of many colors that would turn this truck into a eye catcher for sure . a slick black would be good and a copper type color would stand out so much it would be noticed by all . Several colors would be better than the white with the natural gas flames, But white just does not fit this one . sort of looks like a electric companies truck .

  4. That use to be my truck (1997-99). It was a fire truck with 11,000 miles. I took the fire apparatus and installed a flat bed. Awesome job!

  5. Jeremy and Tim, thanks for posting pics of the truck. Im the one that ”compressed” it down. It was huge, so I took off the 8′ by 13’bed, removed the duallys, shortened it 6 feet, Z’d the frame 4”,removed the 2.5′ wide mirrors, chopped the top 3”, removed 44 leaf springs dropping the front 6”, and the back 10”,and put a 6′ bed on it. The 42” tires in the back are for better gearing, top cruising speed is about 75mph.

    1. John, your truck is completely awesome. My sidekicks and I spent quite a bit of time that day staring at it, wondering what the heck you had done to it. It really is amazing work all around.

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