Every Garage Deserves Solid Seating.

If you have ever hung out in a garage before, you know that seating is usually limited to old wheels, plastic crates, and cold concrete.  While this concept may seem crazy to some, the reasoning for this is quite valid.  Floor space in garages is extremely valuable, and it should not be wasted with non-tools, parts, or vehicles.

GREAT NEWS THOUGH! There is a solution that is logical, comfortable, and down right decorative!  I found this amazing idea posted by “Outcast99” on Killbillet.com and was instantly filled with jealousy.  You basically grab an old truck bed from your back yard, a nearby field, a scrap yard, or the woods, and start cutting.  Once the bed is commandeered, you begin the project by cutting the sides and floor out of the bed.  You then weld the front to the back with only a couple inches of space between the front of the bed and the tailgate.  Next up, you add a metal base made from the scrap steel you have under your workbench. Before long, you have sweet folding seating for up to 2 adults or possibly 3 lovely ladies!  When you need the extra space, you simply kick your friends out and fold the tailgate up.  How cool is that? Jealous yet?

Pictures borrowed from Outcast99’s build thread HERE

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8 thoughts to “Every Garage Deserves Solid Seating.”

  1. Very cool. Might be a bit heavy to move around the shop but a modified bed rail would make a good handle. I would have to make the taillights light up.

  2. Wow…add a couple of lockable wheels and it would also serve as a temporary work bench. I can’t tell you how many times I haved used my truck’s tailgate as a temporary work bench/tool holder while working on a car in the driveway. Roll this thing out next to the car and ‘presto’.

  3. Hey guys, I was browsing the net and this caught my eye. Thought it would link to my build but to my surprise… a blog. With my scrap metal bench! This is awesome!

  4. He was going to make the tail lights working but he thought it would be better to make them swing out with beer holders! He is one innovative Guy.

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