Top 5 Toyota Prius Problems: 3rd Generation (2010 to 2015)

The Toyota Prius is one of the first mainstream vehicles powered by gasoline and electricity. This post reviews the top 5 Toyota Prius problems of the 3rd generation, years 2010 to 2015.

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Top 5 Issues with the 3rd Generation Toyota Prius (2005 to 2015)

1. Center Multi-Function Display Issues

Symptoms of Center Multi-Function Display Issues

  • Center display may fail and stop working

Causes of Center Multi-Function Display Issues

Poorly soldered internal connections are the main reason for center display failure in the 3rd gen Toyota Prius.

How to Fix Center Multi-Function Display Issues

To fix multi-function display issues, bring the Prius to a shop that specializes in this repair.

2. Fuel Gauge Problems

Symptoms of Fuel Gauge Problems

  • Fuel gauge reads inaccurately

How to Fix Fuel Gauge Problems

Have the dealer recalibrate the car.

3. EGR Valve Issues

Symptoms of EGR Valve Problems on the 3rd Gen Toyota Prius

  • Check engine light for ocde P219A Bani 1 Air Fuel Ratio

Causes of EGR Valve Problems

The EGR valve can plug up with carbon and a port that runs to the intake.

How to Fix EGR Valve Problems

Mechanic showing EGR valge problem which is a top 5 toyota prius problem

The EGR valve is located behind the driver’s engine air filter housing near the driver side. Remove the EGR valve and disconnect the tube. Try to clean it from any deposits—it can be difficult due to the small ports but it is possible. If cleaning it doesn’t fix it, the EGR valve needs to be replaced.

Water Pump Problems

Symptoms of Water Pump Problems

  • Symptoms will probably be different from a conventional water pump (i.e. won’t leak like a conventional water pump and will not have a whirring noise similar to a bad bearing noise)
  • Check engine light for a water pump code

Causes of Water Pump Problems

If you get a check engine light for a water pump code, don’t ignore it because that could blow the engine.

How to Fix Water Pump Problems

The water pump is located on the front of the engine. Replace the water pump as soon as possible because not replacing it could blow the engine.

5. License Plate Light Bulbs

Symptoms of License Plate Light Bulbs

  • License plate bulbs burn out

Causes of License Plate Light Bulbs

The bulbs tend to overheat the socket on the 3rd gen Toyota Prius, causing them to burn out.

How to Fix License Plate Light Bulbs

Remove the light bulbs and replace them with LED light bulbs since they won’t burn as hot and melt the light bulb socket.

3rd Generation Toyota Prius Years

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