The sweetest car collection….. in the Woods.

One of my favorite things to do in “off  seasons” (read: cold seasons), is to look at abandoned & wrecked old cars in the woods and in the junkyards.  I’m not really sure why I enjoy looking at old rotten cars, but it’s probably the same reason that dogs chase cats; because they can.  I have come across some really amazing vehicles over the years, but one of my all time favorites was finding a large wooded area of TriFive Chevy’s, most of them being 1957’s. There were probably about 20 of them, and almost all models were present from two doors, to 4 doors, and even wagons. Other than the convertibles & Nomads, no model was spared from this automotive atrocity.

Got a picture of an old rotten car ?  If so, send it over to, and I will make sure it gets up here.

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6 thoughts to “The sweetest car collection….. in the Woods.”

  1. Ofcourse not! What fun would that be? My hope is that they are being used as parts cars to restore other 57's. That's what I keep telling myself at least.


  2. i have photos of all these cars. been here since at least the 70s none are restorable (bad floors and frames,bad interiors and rusted bodies from road salt). some are traffic accident victims. they are in an unused area in a working junkyard.dont know if theses are available to the public. they are packed in there like sardines.there is also a 1953-54 plymouth there with no nose,and a very old fordson tractor with wraparound rear fenders that come almost to the ground in the rear with a storage compartment built in. has a roof also. radiator is set back quite a bit from front of machine. has engine in place.

  3. i have pictures of all these cars. they are packed in like sardines in an unused area of a working junkyard. dont know if available to the public. been here since at least the 70s. all in rough shape – rotted bodies, (salt), frames and floors. sitting (sunk) on damp ground. some are traffic accident victims. mostly 4 drs and wagons, some 2 drs. some good glass, hoods, deck lids, bumpers. also a 53-4 plymouth 4 dr with no nose. also an old fordson tractor with wraparound rear fenders almost to ground in rear with storage compartments built in. almost solid rear wheels w/ f&H NO. 162 showing on side. radiator set well back from front with inline engine intact(no.N27J on side of block).has windsheild and roof also. front 12 spoke steel wheels are separated, not together like some tractors. was originally red, now yellow.yard has 68 charger, firebird, 70 el camino,67 malibu, 56 plymouth 4dr,73 grand lemans,75 chevelle 4 dr,50? chevy shell, two early 60s nova II,70 roadrunner with engine, roof cut off, 67 mustang, three 72-4 dodge darts, 74 nova shell, saab sonnet, 71-3 mustang coupe, two 60s MGs, 63 buick f85, 77 monte carlo. just crushed – 1970 ford torino 4 dr. many trucks also.

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